There are many abbreviations in use within the construction industry and in order to aid in the naming of BIM objects, classifications and Layers etc... a list of common abbreviations have been supplied:


Description Abbreviation
Air brick AB
Air conditioning (Mech) AC
Alternating Current (Elect) AC
Asbestos Cement AC
Asbestos Containing Material ACM
Alternate ALT
Annotation Anno
Balcony Balc
Boosted cold water service BCWS
Bore Hole BH
Beam height BHt
Boosted hot water service BHWS
Back inlet gully BIG
Building Bldg
Blockwork BLK
bending momentor bench mark BM
Bill of quantities BOQ
Brick retaining wall BRW
British Standard Pipe (Parallel thread) BSP
British Standard Pipe Taper Thread BSPT
Building_transport_systems BTS
British Thermal Unit BTU
Brick wall BW
Builders' work in connection with services BWIC
Brickwork BWK
Contract administrator CA
Close boarded fence CBF
concrete block wall CBW
Close Coupled Cisterm CC
Construction (Design and Management) Regulations  CDM
Compression Fitting CF
Corrugated galvanized iron CGI
Circular hollow section CHS
Cill height   CHt
Cast iron CI
Corrugated iron fence CIF
Construction joint CJ
Cover level or centre line CL
Chain link fence CLF
Cleaning Maintenance CM
Communications COMS
Concrete panel fence CPF
Concrete paving slabs CPS
Concrete retaining wall CRW
Commissioning valve -services CV
Cold water service CWS
Data_networks Data
Drain cock DC
Depot_cleaning_and_maintenance DCAM
Double check valve DCV
Domestic hot water DHW
Distribution Dist
Dead load DL
Drain off valve   DOV
Down pipe DP
Damp-proof course DPC
Damp-proof membrane DPM
Double switched socket outlet   DSSO
Electricity control box ECB
End Feed EF
Existing level EL
Electrical Elect
Elevations ELES
Escalators_and_moving_walkways EMW
Electric_power EP EP
expanded polypropylene EPP
Expanded Polysterene EPS
Expansion relief valve   ERV
External_site_works ESW
External EXT
flexible connection   FC
Far face FF
Finished floor level FFL
Fire hydrant FH
floor level FL
factor of safety FoS
Fire Suppression FS
Fire_security_and_protection FSP
Foul Water FW
General Lighting LIGHT
General structural GS
High alumina cement HAC
Heating_and_cooling HC
high density fibreboard HDF
Heat_emitters HE
High Level HL
High Level balanced Flue HLBF
Heat Output HO
height HT
high tensile HT
Heating_ventilation_and_air_conditioning HVAC
hot water service   HWS
inspection cover   or inspection chamber IC
invert level IL
Internal INT
intermediate switch INTER
iron railing fence IRF
isolating valve   IV
interwoven fence   IWF
Keynotes KEYN
local authority LA
live load LL
Low Level LL
lamp post   LP
laminated strand lumber LSL
lockshield valve   LSV
mass concrete or moderately conservative  MC
mains cold water   MCW
medium density fibreboard MDF
manhole MH
man made mineral fibres MMMF
mild steel MS
near face (reinforcement) NF
Non-plotting NPLOT
non return valve   NRV
not to scale NTS
outside diameter or Ordnance datum OD
over head OH
ordinary Portland cement OPC
palisade fence   PALF
Precast Concrete PC
Portland cement concrete PCC
Liquefied_petroleum Petrol
picket fence   PF
pulverised fuel ash PFA
parallel flange channel PFC
pocket (RC) PKT
plate (steel connection) PLT
Post and wire fence   PPWF
Post and rail fence   PRF
Power Pwr
Radiator RAD
Insitu Concrete RC
Rain Screen RSC
Reinforced concrete  RC
Rodding eye   RE
Retaining RET
Revisions REVS
Rapid hardening Portland cement RHPC
Rectangular hollow section  RHS
ready-mixed concrete RMC
Rolled steel angle RSA
Rolled steel joist RSJ
Rain Water Pipe RWP
Rain water pipe RWP
Stop cock SC
Structural engineer SE
Sections Sec
square hollow section SHS
Systeme Internationale SI
soffite level or sky light or sill level SL
setting-out line SOL
setting-out point SOP
arch springer height   SP
single pole double throw switch   SPDT
stone paving slabs   SPS
single pole single throw switch   SPST
Soldier Ring SR
sulphate resisting cement SRC
stainless steel SS
structural slab level SSL
single switched socket outlet   SSSO
strainer   STR
Survey Surv
safety valve   SV
soil and vent pipe SVP
stone wall SW
Symbols Symb
tongued and grooved T&G
Temporary bench mark TBM
Terminals Term
top of beam TOB
top of concrete TOC
top of steel TOS
top of wall TOW
temperature/pressure relief valve   TPRV
Television TV
underside U/S
universal beam UB
universal column UC
urea formaldehyde UF
Volts V
Ventilation_extract VE
Ventilation Vent
Vertical Vert
vent pipe   VP
Ventilation_Supply_and_extract VSE
Watts W
window Win
water level   WL
wire mesh fence   WMF
wooden panel fence   WPF