Floor Naming

Floor Naming Convention

A Floor name needs to describe both its usage along with a list of its component width and its name.

The Fields associated with the wall naming convention are as follows:-

 Field 1


 Field 2


 Field 3 (optional)






Components are always defined from top to the bottom.

Each of the components will be associated with a material which consistently holds metadata in the form of property sets or parameters specific to that material. The material associated with a component may change through the design process, although the actual construction remains the same.

There may be occasions when on a project floor has the same usage and components, but the materials associated to those components is different. In this case an optional wall type field may be used.

In order to reduce the length of object names usage and components are abbreviated using common abbreviations defined.

Typical Floor Names

Generic Floor examples

Name = GRND-300GEN

Description = Ground Bearing Slab, 300mm Generic

Name = SUSP-330Gen

Description = Suspended 250mm Generic

Name = DECK-450GEN

Description = DECK 450mm Generic

Floor Examples

Name =SUSP-65SCD_VB_90INS-_25CONC_DPM_50Sand_150HC

Description =Suspended, 65mm Screed, VB, 90mm Insulation, 125mm Concrete, DPM, 50mm Sand Blinding, 150mm Hardcore.

Floor Abbreviations



Ground Bearing