Company Standards

Server Configuration

Project Data Storage

Each company should hold all project data on a robust network server or series of servers following a consistent mapped drive protocol. The two options available are either a single server or multiple server approach depending upon system redundancy requirements.

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CAD Library

In order to ensure consistent data production, reduce risk and liability and to aid profitability each company should establish a centralised CAD/BIM Library based upon a consistent drive letter to be used accross every Office of the Company. 

Pen Settings

Most CAD software plots either using a colour based plotting system where a color represents a specific pen weight or alternatively a plot style base where colour and lineweight are independent.. By understanding the two systems it is possible to produce data that will replicate perfectly in both systems.

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Pen widths

Consistent Plot Styles are fundemental to any CAD or BIM standard to ensure consistent output and these require specific pen widths.

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CAD Standards

Company CAD Standards.

Whatever BIM or CAD software you use there are huge advantages to having consistent and complementaty standards in place to aid with resourcing, reducing risk and aiding profitability. In order to successfully collaborate between disciplines and different software users each company needs to encorporate standards that facilitate that exchange.

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