Welcome to BIMuk. This website was initiated in 2011 and is dedicated to aiding in implementing Building Information Modelling in the United Kingdom. BIMuk comprises standards implementation, documentation and guidance on best practice for incorporating BIM process, software requirements and procedures into the AEC Industries within the United Kingdom.

This site is aimed at providing practical solutions to the standards, methods and procedures required to deliver the information Management requirements and modelling needs originally set out in BS1192:2007 and PAS 1192-2:2013. These have since been updated to the ISO 19650 Series, but many of the principes remain and implementation requirements remain.

The BIMuk content has been developed by leading professionals and BIM experts over many years in order to support the adoption of BIM. This was originally aimed at BIM Level 2 as an identified BIM methodology that can be implemented using currently available technology, procurement routes, legal, contractual and commercial methodologies.

In order for any Building Information Model to be successfully delivered the standards, methods and procedures required are key to aid this delivery. Within the site guidance is provided on the following:

  • Relevant International and National Standards
  • Industry Classifications
  • Abbreviations
  • Object Naming
  • Model and Document Issue Sheets
  • Layer Standards
  • Pen Widths
  • Plotting Standards

This is an evolving work and new updates will be added on a regular basis so please visit on a regular basis for the latest information.

The content provided here is available for all to use and is provide with the hope that it will aid the reduction of waste within Design, Construction and Operations  that devours this industry globally.