CPIx Supplier IT assessment form

Supplier Assessment Form

A supplier IT assessment form provides a meaningful method of assessing supply chain Information Exchange capability and supply chain IT maturity.

The IT Assessment Form has two sections:

  1. Information Exchange:
  2. Intended to show what electronic data and information the company is willing to exchange.
  3. Software and Systems: Intended to enable the company to give the project team confidence that IT Systems and procedures are mature and robust.

The IT Assessment Form highlights the difference and similarities with the project IT systems. It helps the project BIM enabling team to negotiate information exchange protocols and standards. It is an opportunity for the company being assessed to Demonstrate Maturity and Provide Confidence.

The supplier BIM assessment form is referred to in PAS 1192-2 clause 6.4. It provides a means for organizations to demonstrate their competence and understanding of BIM in a document that can be used to compare and assess their BIM capability.