Avanti Project

Avanti was a project from 2001-5, which became the basis of the BIM British Standard BS1192. In July 2006, the Avanti DTI Project documentation and brand ownership was transferred to Constructing Excellence.

Avanti is an approach to collaborative working that enables construction project partners to work together effectively.

The principles of collaborative working the Avanti way are early access to all project information by all partners, early involvement of the supply chain, and sharing of information, drawings and schedules, in an agreed and consistent manner.

“Construction comprises varying projects that require co-ordinated contributions from an increasing number of participants”

3 aspects of the Avanti approach:
  • Getting people to work together
  • Providing processes to enable collaboration
  • Applying tools to support collaborative working
Good Quality Design Information

Information Standards Compatibility of information

  • Accuracy of information
  • Information structure
  • Status, purpose and revision
  • Information sharing

Design Process Management Roles & responsibilities

  • Information planning
  • Performance and resource monitoring
  • Interface management
  • Managing changes to information
  • Information review, checking and approval
AVANTI Research Demonstrates Benefits

Key Benefits

  • Price & Cost reductions – up to 50% in client management, 40% in cost
  • Quality improvements 70%
  • Improved Client satisfaction up to 90% – tenants, schools, public
  • Productivity savings:- 50-85% saving on information receipt/reuse
  • 60-80% saving on finding information
  • 75–80% saving in design co-ordination


  • ‘Best’ practice operations & processes = reduced variability
  • Improved staff morale and motivation
  • Improved transparency of processes