Task Information Delivery Plans

Each Task Team should develop and maintain through the project a task information delivery plan which identifies the deliverables and associated content and resources to be produced. The TIDP should document for each deliverable at least the following information:

  • A unique Identifier;
  • Title / Name;
  • Description;
  • Time estimates for production;
  • Proposed resource to be allocated;
  • Any predecessors or dependencies;
  • Delivery milestones; and
  • Level of Information Need.

It can also be useful to identify

  • Document scale;
  • File format;
  • Delivery Scale;
  • Paper size; and
  • Template to be used.

The Task Team should also consider

  • Project delivery milestones;
  • Detailed responsibility Matrix;
  • EIRs;
  • Availability of shared resources; and

Authorisation and Acceptance process and criteria.

Example Task Information delivery plan